Free Estimates and Mock-Ups

Here at A2Z Web Pro’s, we have every reason to be confident that you will love our work. So much so, that not only will we provide you with free estimates but, also design you a custom mock-up of your new website beforeyou pay or sign anything.

If you love it, we’ll move forward in working with you as a team. If not, you will be held to no further obligations. And, there will be no hard feelings. It is your website after all and we get it, it needs to match your vision. Curious why our processes allow us to offer what most won’t? Find out below.

It all starts when we receive your request via our contact form or when you call us. Within 1 business day, you should expect an email from us requesting to schedule a brief call to further discuss your needs in more depth. This will help us to properly quote you for what you need.

If you call to submit your request, the A2Z Web Pro’s representative you speak with will schedule this call with you during that phone call.

During our scheduled call, we will take approximately 15 – 30 minutes to ask you a series of questions. These questions will help us to better determine key requirements and important considerations for your website that will affect the scope of the project. A couple of examples of the types of questions you will be asked, would be about the functionality requirements and your goals for the website.

After our brief meeting, we will email you a proposal for the project. This will typically be within 2 – 3 business days of the meeting. The proposal will cover all of the details of what we plan on doing for you to match your goals. Some of these details would be the services and features provided, the timeline for the project, and a quote on the project cost.

We will move forward to the mock-up phase if the proposal works for you. We are willing to re-do this phase if you would like changes before moving to the next step. Keep in mind, no money will be exchanged until after the contract is signed. And at this point, that will not be required.

After you decide you like the proposal, and we will move on to the mock-up phase. But, before we can get started on your mock-up, we’ll want to get an even better sense of your vision for the website design. We want to get it right the first time around.

In order to do that, we will email you a detailed questionnaire(s) for you to fill out. It will include questions on fonts, color schemes, and other visual elements you want to include. This will also ask you to provide links to other websites that you like and dislike the look and feel of, along with why. All of the questions on the mock-up are to help us to see your vision for your website clearer.

After we receive the questionnaire(s) back, we will contact you within 1 business day to schedule a consultation for either over the phone or in person. During the consultation, we will review the contents of the questionnaire(s) with you. Along with, gather more information, ask a few more probing questions, clarify your vision for the website, and define what success is to you for your new website. This is so we can ensure the mock-up matches your vision.

After the consultation, we will create a couple of different Photoshop Mock-Ups for your new website for you to choose from. Keep in mind, these mock-ups are just preliminary drafts.

This will take a few days to generate and you should expect to see them in your email within 5 business days from our consultation meeting. If you decide to work with us, you will have unlimited revisions of the mock-up you choose, no matter how big or small. And more than enough opportunity to do so until it 100% matches your vision.

If you like the mock-ups, we will go ahead and draw up a contract for both you and us to sign. The contract will have the same terms as laid out in the proposal. If there are any changes to the terms, it will have been discussed with you and agreed to beforehand.

Once it’s signed by both parties, we will then be able to move forward with working together as a team.

We meant it when we said there would be no hard feelings or obligations if the mock-ups weren’t quote what you were looking for. We will note, that we will have a better understanding of what you’re looking for in a website after. So, this doesn’t mean our journey together has to end unless you want it to. Although, you will owe us nothing.

The only thing would be, you would have no legal right to the mock-up designs we made. As a result, you would not be able to use them for your website without full compensation.

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